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CCTV security can be applied to both internal and external environments to protect property, staff and visitors against all potential threats including; theft, vandalism and violence. Although many understand CCTV as simply a deterrent, today’s technology offers much more than simple protection of your employees, customers and assets.

Professional CCTV surveillance is about foreseeing problems and stopping them at source, picking out wrongdoers in a crowd and monitoring an organisationís key operations. The recent advances in Digital Video Recorders have greatly increased the resolution, capacity and retrieval speed of captured images.

We offer expert design, camera selection, installation and maintenance to ensure that when an incident occurs, it is captured on CCTV and is suitably recorded for further analysis. A CCTV system is far more effective when monitored live. Potential intrusion and vandalism can be deterred or prevented through live contact and prompt police response.

Our independent video monitoring facility operates across a large number of transmission platforms, enabling compatibility with your existing systems.

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