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Business Intercom Systems: Keeping Staff Safe

An intercom system can be beneficial for use in all kinds of businesses, from small home-run companies to larger organisations.

Your staff, stock and assets must be protected from uninvited visitors at all times. With an intercom, you can ensure those who are allowed entry to your premises are known to you or have a right to be there.
Intercoms range in style from one-way audio systems to video entry systems. Video intercoms are growing in popularity; installed cameras show you who is calling so that you can properly identify them before allowing entry.

Intercom systems can also be used within a business premises to allow smooth communication between staff right through different areas of the building. There are convenient and easy to install wireless options available and if they are suitable for the range required, we’ll recommend them for you.

Intercoms are a real benefit when it comes to both safety and ease of communication. They’re an added feature which will work well with the rest of your business security measures. Whether an office, retail or industrial premises, we’ll choose and install the most appropriate intercom system for your needs. Contact us today.

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