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CCTV: Your Business Security Guard

Security camera systems have multiple benefits for any business premises. They act as a deterrent for burglars and provide vital coverage of intrusions for police and insurance reports. They can also be used to monitor health and safety practices in the workplace.

CCTV cameras can be set up to monitor and record footage on the inside and outside of your premises. There are various options, and that’s why our experts at Roc security are on hand to help you choose the best for your precise requirements.

Outdoor CCTV cameras can be set up to cover entry and exit points, car parks, storage and loading bays and outbuildings. Robust and weather proof, these cameras can either be set to monitor, or monitor and record onto a range of mediums, from hard drives to memory cards or DVDs. For dark areas we’ll install infra-red cameras.

Indoor CCTV cameras can be located anywhere within a premises. We’ve installed cameras in anything from one room to an extensive network throughout warehouses, reception areas and storage units and for many reasons including security and health and safety monitoring.

CCTV has become a big part of our lives. It offers much-needed protection against many forms of crime, including theft, burglary and assault. Consult Roc security solutions for all your business CCTV needs; we’ll help you decide on the system you need.

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